Industrial fans
Electric motor armatures and rotors
Pump impellers
Pump rotors
Printing and process rollers
Driveshafts and trailshafts


In the fast paced world manufacturing, the need of precision balancing of parts is vital as productivity and quality is directly affected. Here at Turbo Turbine, we incorporate the state of the art electronic balancing method to give a product of proper and correct system alignment, powered by an extensive 10 years background; we provide immaculate dynamic balancing for products weighing up to 3 tones and 78 inches in maximum product diameter and 15 feet in maximum length. Assurance of a safe, quality enhanced balanced product has become a staple trademark of Turbo Turbine.


At Turbo Turbine our blend of technical knowledge and experience has no limit to the size of the product or structure that need to be treated. Mostly we deal with the spraying of zinc and aluminum coating, where a span of many years is usually achieved using the electrochemical metalizing equipment available at Turbo Turbine.


A versatile finishing process blast finishing has become an important part in Turbo Turbine foray into the hard facing sector. The ash oxide blasting machine in our machine shop is latest, producing finished products of desired results with apparent case, giving customers an absolute satisfaction.