As our fast-paced world shifts to higher gear, the emphasis for technical knowledge has never been greater. Technical theories have redefined the state or the manufacturing sector, affecting even the turbines. It would be quite apt to claim that every turn of turbine blade is careful calculation of technical wizardry. Yet we should always bear in mind that this technical knowledge is a direct manufacture from the ultimate, resource and EXPERIENCE. And here in TURBO TURBINE, we are blessed with and extremely large amount of resource.


TURBO TURBINE has produced 4 categories to its main set of service that is mechanical repair & overhaul, components & machining of parts, dynamic balancing, metalizing and rebuilding. Steam turbines and pumps are given fresh breath of power by our skillful hands.We are even able to modify and refurbish turbines to suit specific individual needs. Machine and turbine parts have been in better care under the watchful eyes of Turbo Turbine. At very high speeds, parts are replaced and valve are standardized, but Quality is never compromised